Who is Jesus? Lesson: Mark 12:27 – 12:27

We are following the events as they happened in the Holy according to the Gospel of Mark to remind ourselves about Jesus’ Journey to the Cross. Mark informs us that on Palm Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem but leaves and goes to Bethany where He spends the night (Mark 11:1-11). He comes back to the Temple on Monday and on His way he curses a Fig tree which looks to have fruit but had none and He also drives out the people who were selling things in the temple and in the evening He goes out of the city with His disciples (Mark 11:12-19). Tuesday Jesus is questioned in many ways (Mark 11:27 -12: 34). The purpose is to trap him (12:13) so that they can arrest Him (12:12), unfortunately they fail to get him wrong on any ground. Instead he takes the opportunity to teach them and to demonstrate who He is. When Jesus sent away people who were selling in the Temple and demonstrated authority it left the leaders wondering who he is and where He gets the authority to do what he does.

Who is Jesus?

  • First, He is God with all the authority to do what he wants to do. All the questions are known to Him and the motives for asking them. Do you have any questions in life? He has all the answers not only to your questions but also solutions to your problems. His charge to us is that, “Have faith in God, pray without doubting and you will move all the challenges that are like mountains for you (Mark 11:22).
  • Second, Jesus is the beloved Son as in the parable (Mark 12:1-11) and therefore with a special relationship to our father in heaven, the owner of the vineyard. God is in charge of the world and he can do anything with it. We have mismanaged what he has entrusted to us and he will judge us for it. The best relationship is one with the Son of God. How can we neglect Him yet he is the foundation of everything. Rather than neglecting Him receive Him because you need Him now and for the future – He is the cornerstone.
  • Third, Jesus is the Lord. The Chief priests and teachers of the law wondered what authority he had (Mark 11:27-28); to chase away people from the Temple, to curse a tree and it withered and the many other things he had done. Jesus is the Lord (Mark 12:35-37). If Jesus is the Lord then you should let Him take charge of the affairs of your life and the world. Trust Him who silenced all the leadership of the establishment in Jerusalem. He can silence your enemies.

Many times we seem to know issues to do with faith but if we do not know who Jesus is we miss the point. All the people who came to ask Jesus the questions where religious people in fact leaders. But they did not know the scriptures or the power of God (Mark 12:24). Jesus one time asked His Disciples who did the people say He was and they gave different answers until Peter said, “ He is the messiah, the son of the living God” (Matthew 16:13-20). It is not so much who we are or what we do in church but knowing who Jesus is and His authority over everything that is central in our work and walk with Him.

Who is Jesus to you?

Rev. Canon Fredrick Jackson Baalwa

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