To equip the potential and positional leaders for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:11)

 St. Steven’s COU Kisugu has put together an intentional disciple making strategy. The Church believes that any activity that does not contribute to the fulfilment of the Great Commission is an exercise in futility. Biblical disciple making is an intentional, relational, transformational, missional and doable to every believer in the Church.

This is St. Stephen COU Kisugu’s core conviction.

St Stephen’s COU Kisugu is focusing to make:

  1. Disciples who are Born-again. Just as newborn babies need special attention and care, spiritually newborn babies need loving care to help them gain a start on the spiritual life.


  • The Church is mentoring a team of mentors who will be able to intentionally mentor new believers towards assurance of their salvation.


  1. Disciples who Grow Daily. Every true believer is ever-maturing believer. The bed rock for deep discipleship is the Word of God. Disciple makers continually learn, continually grow, continually geared to grow believers who in turn grow others.

 COU Kisugu is refocusing on the team approach of being and making disciples but through encouraging accountability of personal and family spiritual growth.


  1. Disciples Who Multiply. We are saved not only from something but for something. God uses growing disciples to help new believers through small accountability groups and mentoring relationships.


  • The Church began to mentor a committed team of disciples makers availing & willing to make disciples who make other disciples.


Please consult the Assistant vicar Rev. Moses Henry Isabirye, in charge of Mission Department if convicted to take a serious discipleship journey with matured and maturing leaders of the Church. The Church is ready for this. Note: it will enquire your time, talent and treasure as well. Blessings