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Welcome to  St. Stephen’s Kisugu Church of Uganda, Diocese of Kampala website. We are a Christ Centered Church Discipling believers and caring for each other so as to cause transformation of individual lives and the community around us. Proclaiming the Gospel and demonstrating the love and care of Jesus Christ is central to what we are as a Church.  We value one another and help each member to develop and use their Spiritual Gifts through the Cell Groups. We promote the love for God, the love for one another and the love for the lost.

Worship is the entire life of a believer as we reflect God’s glory all the time as we do everything as service to God. We preach a clear Gospel and provide sound Biblical teaching in our entire ministry. The Converts experience loving relationships to help them become established in their faith in Jesus Christ and become confident enough to be Christ’s witnesses as they go out to make other Disciples.  This is done through Home Cells, a variety of Fellowship, Bible Study Groups and one to one personal contacts.

We care for each other as a family but also for the neighborhood community. We have a project known as Touch Life Ministry (Kanyogoga Project) which is an outreach program to the less advantaged people in our neighborhood. We support these families in the slum; spiritually, economically, physically, and socially. We sponsor the education of an average of 50 children every year; some of them are now at the University level.

We strongly believe in families as the foundation for a healthy church. We are therefore continuously striving for healthy marriages, a vibrant Children’s Ministry with enthusiastic and gifted and skilled teachers and a variety of youth ministry activities. We purpose to carter for the various ministry needs and age groups hence a Fellowship Singles with a Purpose) and one for the seniors (60 years and above). We are a licensed church for marriages and with our wonderful pre-marital counseling program, a beautiful church and compound, the ample parking space and a church Garden for reception your wedding can be a special occasion as it ought to be if hosted here.

Finally, Kisugu is a very hospitable, loving and caring church with a well motivated, gifted, trained, mature, and experienced team of Clergy and Lay people able to meet the needed ministry and to steer the church into Growth both in numbers and the quality of the believers.  You are welcome to visit us or to join us and experience God’s presence and ministry with us.

Venerable Canon Fredrick Jackson Baalwa

Vicar and Archdeacon Southern Archdeaconry

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Rev. David Assimwe

Rev. David Assiwe is the Children’s & Youth Pastor

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Rev. Moses H. Isabirye

Personal Mission: Building the local Church through making disciples. Matthew 28: 18- 20.. Key Qualifications: An MA in Christian Ministry, a Diploma in theology and a Certificate in Missions. Main Skills: Leadership in church and church affiliated organizations, excellent communications skills, public speaking, good management skills (people, assets and finance),...

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Rev. Canon Fredrick Jackson Baalwa

Rev. Canon Fredrick Jackson Baalwa is our Vicar.

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